Eid ul Adha is around the corner and you want to buy a Bakra. But you don’t have time to visit Bakra marketing or most commonly known as the Bakra Mandi. In this article, we will discuss the points to consider when buying online Bakra. This practice has been recently introduced in Pakistan as before this all the people visiting Bakra Mandi and selecting the Bakra for their Qurbani but due to covid-19 and the enormous expansion of digital and online world this business is also shifting towards online gradually. Another reason for the online shifting of this business is the ease it provides and the time it saves. Let me explain: suppose you want to buy a Bakra online now, you will take a day or two out of your busy schedule and you will visit the market. There you will have to check and negotiate with different Bakra owners. On the contrary, now you will just have to go to google and write the buy Bakra online the google will give your results you select and the Bakra inquire with the owner and your deal will be done. But there are some shortcomings of this business. To prevent yourself from these mishaps you must keep in mind the following tips while selecting and buying Bakra online.

  1. Bakra should be according to the orders of Islam. Before buying or even searching for the Bakra for Qurbani you should get yourself equipped with the knowledge from a to z of Islamic rules about Qurbani animals or offering animals. Because the Qurbani is for Allah’s Consent and All consent some rules should be studied before buying an online Bakra.
  2. Searching The Internet Thoroughly. Bakra is an important matter and you are spending almost 30 thousand or more on your Bakra. So for that amount you will want your Bakra to be healthy and big so that you get a good amount of meat. Therefore searching thoroughly is an important step. That is why take your time in searching for your Bakra and inspect every one of your next animals.
    Making Inquiries. When you get your eyes set on the Bakara that you want to buy you should start making inquiries with the owner. You should ask the seller about the Bakra’s health and its price
  3. Negotiations: Negotiating is a must part of any trading. This is the part where you try to convince the seller to lower the price of the product and the seller tries to stay on the asked value. But in the trading of Bakra or any other Qurbani animal negotiations are a little different so the negotiations are done according to the breed and the size of Bakra or any other animal. The bigger the animal the higher the price. Nowadays when you are buying a Bakra online and if there is no button given on the website for negotiating then that does not mean that you are not allowed to negotiate but it means that you should contact the seller directly and try to negotiate.