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Who we are?

Jalandhar farm is Pakistan's first organic cattle farm situated in South Punjab's district Rahim Yar Khan. It was established in year 2000. In early start, at Jalandhar farm we started growing poultry chickens. About 4 years later, we expanded our business to deal in poultry medicines too. In the same year we started growing goats and cows for Eid-ul-Adha event in Pakistan. Since then we are now a brand in poultry products and goat farming.

We believe growing goat and cows for Eid-ul-Adha is a noble and religious profession that require extensive job expertise and knowledge. By the grace of almighty Allah we have all required resources to grow the best animals with right expertise and team. But at the same time we believe that limit of expertise never ends. That's why we modernized our cattle Farm to meet current market needs and researches. We have qualified veterinarian who regularly examined animals and give us consultation to maintain cattle growth and meat productions but only on toxic free organic feed. Health of our customers is as much important as the quality of products.

In year 2020, we bring reformed to our business by taking the advantage of Information Technology to handle our cattle in more modernized way. We developed online presence by making our jalandharfarm.pk website and social media profile. Beside of our online business portfolio, we developed software to enhance our cattle growth and researches. Now our all goat animals are tagged with their unique software generated barcode and QR codes. One can easily find any history like age, size and measurement in different periodic months, vaccination that individual goat have to prevent diseases and even growth graphs. All these are helpful for us to improve our own efficiency, it is at the same time beneficial for end customers to choose right animal with all past historical data in front of him at a single place.

Being residing in South Punjab region, we are growing our local famous breeds Rajanpuri and Rahim Yar Khan's Ablak. Although both breeds are derived from Asian beetal breed. But these two child breeds are famous all over the Pakistan because of their meat growth, size and beauty.

At Jalandhar Farm, we assure our customers, they will have what they see on our store website and in social media business profiles Facebook, Instagram and Google My Business.
We are always open to those who wish to visit our farm in natural habitat in office hours. Feel free to contact us if one have any query or suggestion by using our office phone numbers or emails.