In this article, we will examine the focuses to consider when purchasing on the web Bakra. This training has been as of late presented in Pakistan as before this all individuals visiting Bakra Mandi and choosing the Bakra for their Qurbani yet due to Coronavirus and the colossal extension of the advanced and online world this business is likewise moving towards online step by step. Another explanation behind the internet moving of this business is the straightforwardness it gives and the time it saves. Eid ul Adha is around the bend and you need to purchase a Bakra to buy bakra online. Be that as it may, you don’t have the opportunity to visit Bakra showcasing or most generally known as the Bakra Mandi. Allow me to clarify: assume you need to purchase a Bakra online now, you will remove a day or two from your bustling timetable and you will visit the market. There you should check and haggle with various Bakra proprietors. Presently you will simply need to go to google and compose the purchase Bakra online the google will give your outcomes you select and the Bakra asks with the proprietor and your arrangement will be finished. Be that as it may, there are a few deficiencies of this business. To keep yourself from these disasters you should remember the accompanying tips while choosing and purchasing Bakra online.

Animal Buying Guide: Eid-ul-Adha

Age: According to Islamic guidance there are certain ages defined according to which the animal should be sacrificed. The age of the cow should be 2 years minimum and the cow should have two front teeth. Whereas goats or Bakra should be 1 year old and also have two teeth. On the other hand, the camel should be 5 years of age and the sheep should be 6months old to 1 year old.

Health: health is an important part of the animal when the animal has been purchased for the Sacrifice. To check the animal’s health. You need to check if the animal is muscular. To check it you should check the legs of the animal if it has muscles visible and the legs are straight then that animal is healthy. Another way for checking animal health is whether the animal is sick or not you can check the animal’s eyes. If the eyes of an animal are bright then the animal is healthy but if the animal’s eyes are dull then you can say that the animal is sick. By checking the teeth of the animal whether the teeth of animals are aligned by examining the upper dental line you can tell the animal’s health. Adjacent to medical problems, different contemplations must be kept, else the Qurbani will be void. Creatures, having the accompanying issues can’t be considered for Qurbani, henceforth check for Tempered visual perceptions (visual deficiency or having only one eye), Broken appendages, horns, teeth, and trimmed ears, Creatures that are anorexic (powerless), and having bone-marrow issues.

The sacrifice of Bakra in Islam is very pious action. Islam orders human beings to sacrifice animals when they want to spend money in the path of Islam. So choose your next Bakra or cow wisely by keeping the above points in mind.