Bakra Mandi used to be the place which no person on earth could ever imagine that this kind of market could go online. But time and environment sure get the best out of people. Now Bakra Mandi’s online business is booming in Pakistan. Now if a person wants a goat for Qurbani or a human wants a cow or camel for Qurbani he can get the animal online. There are many websites started and with time there are many other websites that will start. We can say that there is a new trend in Pakistan of the Bakra e-commerce market. But why is this business doing so well, especially in Pakistan? There are plenty of reasons for this business progress. Let’s just discover some of these reasons. The most obvious reason that comes to mind is the easiness of this system. Let us explain. When there was no concept of Bakra Mandi going online then the people who want to buy a Bakra for sadqa or aqeeqa first have to locate the Bakra Mandi in the city. Then he will locate the specific Bakra Mandi that has the lowest rates and good health animals. These types of Bakra Mandis most often were located outside the city. After that, the person will drive there and visit the Bakra Mandi. Mostly to find the suitable Bakra in budget takes a lot of effort. But now that the Bakra Mandi is online the person just has to sit in front of the computer and select the Bakra for his sadqa or aqeeqah. The second reason could be that the online Bakra Mandis save a lot of time for buyers. Let’s compare, before online Bakra Mandi the person has to take out at least two days to get the right Bakra for the right amount. But now the person can do it in just a few hours maximum through online Bakra Mandi. Another reason could be that the online system is a hassle-free system. Let’s elaborate. The person before online Bakra Mandis has to visit the Bakra Mandi and after browsing most of the time the peon doesn’t find the right Bakra to proceed. Most of the time he does not quite like the animal’s health or sometimes the negotiations fail. Sometimes the Mandi average rate is too high or sometimes the type of or breed of animal the person was looking for does not have it. IN all these matters the person has to visit another Mandi. And like that the person who has to sacrifice a Bakra for sadqa or aqeeqah has to go through all that hassle to find the right animal. Now with the online Bakra Mandi, the same person has to just browse the internet and can locate the right animal for the comfort of his house. The major reason for the online Bakra Mandi booming is the covid-19. With the increase in viruses, all the market trading places shifted themselves to online trending places. And Bakra Mandi always was the place of congestion. And you can not expect safety and hygiene in most of the Bakra Mandis in Pakistan. So with the online Bakra Mandi, many people are satisfied.