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Breeds of Jalandhar Farm

Being the part of south Punjab Regions, our breeds are mainly belongs to Beetal. Beetal goats are found across the whole Punjab province but they varies slightly in features and colors in different regions of Punjab. Mainly beetal are considered best breed for farmers because of their size, height and meat productions. As we belongs to Bahawalpur Division, here mainly three breeds are known for farming.

  • Rajanpuri or Nuqri
  • Rahim Yar Khan’s Ablak
  • Makhi Cheena

At Jalandhar Farm we are dealing with two breeds Rajanpuri and Ablak. Both have same features from parent breed beetal of taller height and size growth. Both have beautiful features that make them attractive for sacrificial ceremony of Eid-ul-Adha. Rahim Yar Khan’s Ablak is more dominant than other regions same breeds Ablak like Faisalabad Beetal because of his height of bridge of nose that is also known Parrot face in locals.