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Product Code : 442

Young Ablak RYK breed item

Age 4 Years 2 Months
Hairs Type Small normal hairs
Color Mostly white
Horns Small Sized Horns
Face Type Curvy dished face
Ear Type Long towards down
Identification Sign Nil
Size & Measurement
Size guide
Weight (kg) Height (Inch) Heart Girth (Inch) Length (Inch)
48.50 34.50 31.50 36.00

Data measured on: Sunday 18th of April, 2021

Historical Growth Data

Month Weight (Kg) Height (Inch) Heart Girth (Inch) Length (Inch) Gallery
March, 2021 46.00 34.50 31.50 36.00 image view

Vaccination & Prevention

Vaccination Name Vaccination Date
Anti Parasite Infestations (API)--Ivermectin Injection tooltip Thursday 15th of April, 2021
Deworming tooltip Thursday 18th of March, 2021

Disease or Sickness Suffered

No Sickness Data Found!

Young Ablak RYK breed item

  • Growing on Organic

    Growing on Organic

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    Full Growth Tracking

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    Safe & Healthy

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