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Breed - Rajanpuri


Rajanpur Bakra for Qurbani with Installments – Buy Healthy Rajanpuri Goat Online

Rajanpur bakra the tall and handsome breed of bakras originated from Rajanpur. This breed is the most in-demand in buyers as well as sellers. The sellers buy these bakras or breed and feed them with high-quality food. They care for their health and their beauty as well and when the eid arrives they sell these bakras in high amounts. But the buyers don't complain because these breeds are so majestic that the buyers prefer these bakras.  Rajanpuri breed is the most in-demand breed in Pakistan. These breeds are famous for their beautiful appearance and what makes their appearance beautiful are their size and their mostly white color although some of the rajanpuri bakra have black spots on them mostly they are white. They have a large level of growth and they are also distinguished for their no horns head. Another name given to this breed is gulabi bakra because most of them have pink noses and gulabi means pink. Some of the people in Pakistan don't prefer any other breed except rajanpuri. The reason for that is that these breeds grow at a huge rate and that is why the quantity of meat is huge. 

Affordable Rajanpuri goats for Qurbani in Low Bakra Rates

Rajanpuri goat is one of its kind and you can easily find Rajanpuri goat at Jalandhar farms without any kind of worry about rajanpuri goat price. Although they are an expensive breed because of their demand, the rajanpuri bakra price you will find at Jalandhar farms online bakra mandi will be reasonable. There are many healthy and big rajanpuri goats for sale available on Jalandhar farms with heart girth and size mentioned and high-quality pictures. Visit Jalandhar farm now and book your rajanpuri bakra.

Rajanpuri Bakra for Sale Online From Jalandhar Farm

Qurbani online is itself another training in Pakistan. Before online Qurbani, individuals of Pakistan didn't have the idea of online Qurbani. They used to feel that Qurbani ought to and should be done when you get to mandi select a bakra and get it and afterward qurban it. Although this was not the awful strategy of Qurbani while a few groups appreciate going to bakra mandi and getting the chance to locate the reasonable bakra yet for certain individuals going to top bakra mandi and spending quite a while there discovering bakra get rushed and they disdain to go to bakra mandis particularly if eid is coming in summers. 

Why Not Go For Rajanpuri Bakra Online!

With innovation advancing and numerous organizations moving to the internet exchanging it is the ideal time for us to give you the chance of purchasing bakra from the solace of your home. Whether or not you are such a person who likes to go to bakra mandi or whether you are the sort of person who disdains to go to bakra mandi the Online Qurbani can help the two sorts of people. Since it is a simple and less excessive strategy for finding bakra and buying a bakra. With that Jalandhar farms, online bakra mandi in Pakistan presents to you the top quality bakras as well as with that, the top-notch administrations of our staff will keep you fulfilled and upbeat.

  • Growing on Organic

    Growing on Organic

    100% pure toxic free organic feed given

  • Full Growth Tracking

    Full Growth Tracking

    Growth can be track anytime anywhere

  • Safe & Healthy

    Safe & Healthy

    Only vaccinated and medically examined animals